Monday, May 13, 2013

Trendy Shoes etc......

These lovely Summer Brownies were discovered at Maurices! Are they not Perfect for a day on the town?||&productId=15488016

I have a weak spot for Vintage things such as these cute little lace ups that would be perfect with a 1940's outfit. But then you can turn right around and wear them with a Bohemian related  outfit! But that last reference probably does not make sense is an example

Both these outfits are very similar but they would both go splendidly with the shoes mentioned above! Don't you think? 

In Fact, I did several fashion  outfits on my Polyvore Account with shoes much like these! 

Alright, enough about the heels! Though I could carry on for ever! Lets switch the subject over to these cute little Flats! Are they not simply adorable? The jewel studded bows dress them up perfectly for a party but then add just  enough cuteness to a casual outfit if needed.

And then I just had to throw in these little red cuties!


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